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SMS banking: all bank customers will be able to get quick information about their account statement and credit amount. • University: university or every education center can use SMS service for student’s exam result announcement or any other important information or events that might be of interest. • Wedding invitation, Meeting, Conference and all these kind of programs could easily be reached and appoint the occasion by sending one single SMS to multiple people. This will both save time and be cost effective. By one click you will be able to reach thousands of people. • For election campaign it is very successful to use SMS campaign and spread the word about the candidate in an easy and cost-effective way. • NGO and other Gov. Office can use SMS to announce holiday or any other time table or important events to its staff. • A company/organization can use SMS to promote their new products and advertise to niche markets. • Working in conflict areas with staff in different territorial areas can be reached in order to send SMS to announce the security status and alert them in an easy and reliable way. Intended for help organizations, embassies and NGO’s.• All online news organization can send important news by SMS for their subscribers and customers. • SMS can also be used to send greetings for Eid, New Year or Christmas to a huge number of people by sending one message.
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AfgSMS is a without border communication technology organization. With the help of our technology the possibilities for useful communication and interaction with the end users is no longer an obstacle. With a connection to internet you will be able to send bulk messages and customize our service to your needs to instantly spread your messaged to the broad masses.

Our service is useful and appreciated in the developing countries where regular postal service and large scale advertising is either not possible or too expensive. In countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Philippine, Nepal and African countries, where the penetration of mobile communication is well spread and is a leading mean of daily communication. Our service of providing SMS service can be the tool for organizations, NGO?s and other type of campaigns to spread the word to the masses. Our services can be customized and arranged for all kind of existing services such as SMS Banking, SMS Marketing, and Electoral Campaigns and so on.

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